An Index for The Woodmill GP

babies, once took one breath of the impure air and died

body, waits to be seen (see also Waiting Room), opened and repaired, gives birth but does not die (see also mothers), that consumes, as slave or object, vessel, *parts, which achieves comfort in things, located, that is not I, and already pervades the room, as memorial of love

Bermondsey, always teaching its people, previously below water-level, filled with the refuse of London in those bad old days, from which we have moved so far towards the ideal

collective, what living together is, a cluster of relations, the question that fascinates us now, makes the individual when it stops (at I), that shares a table, invites guests inside, called the family, the tribe, the clan, I don’t know

concealment, of beauty, curtains short at the windows, unhygienic and homely

concrete, the opposite of vast, as a colour, interrupted by pink, sliced by blue, that makes the familiar strange, see corners

Connan, Dr. D. M. lectured children in the street, provided extra sunlight for 30,000, a godsend for people who are mostly workers, killed in a plane accident

corners, haunted, neither inside nor outside, as belonging to the past and to the girl, into which she withdraws, hidden (like messages in the networks), unseen but present, immobile, and in silence

curtains see concealment

entrance, already partially inside, multiple, through which you have already entered

general, which makes a pas to the specialist, that is not named or photographed

girls, who have problems of life and health, who are over 16 years of age but are still girls, not yet in the know, who do not know themselves, given extra protection, softness while holding their shape, who undergo speech therapy

index, as fake, arbitrary record, *finger, of a site (names in red, underlined, linked), of a site (opened in 1958), spoken aloud

John Dixon, born West Riding, Yorkshire, Medical Officer for Bermonsey Vestry 1875-1900, iron lungs, well-kept feet, died in Jamaica

mothers, who flocked to give birth in hospitals, who get together, photographed, no longer dead

New Service Road, with gates at either end

Orange juice, for washing down paracetamol and other foods

Prestwood House, which is all rectangles, demolished in 1992

pain, *killer, living with, management of, growing*

records, stored on shallow shelves, the making of which is not romantic, prevent love (you and me among a hundred thousand), as proud and splendid, scanned

referral, see general

squatting, illegal from midnight

St Crispin’s Estate, opened in 1958, comprising 123 flats, 5 shops, 11 garages and 44 tenants’ stores, after the whole area was cleared (3.378 acres)

Switzerland, where patients were sent for treatment after diagnosis

Thames, of this filth

The Mayor and Mayoress, who have no smiles but are happy to be here

Waiting Room, inhabited by the seated body that waits to be seen (protest against demolition involves standing up), in which to get-together or sit in silence (the withdrawal of language does not mean the body is incapable of speech), in which something is made to appear in the present among the things that are already present

walls, used for storage, punctured (proof of making the cut), signs of fixing, as sites of testing and temporary reception, as dividing space, bringing about a kind of seeing, along which primitive mental images are placed, that push around the body, that are themselves pushed around by the body

youth, loss of, nostalgia for (every time I look at the sky I think of all the places I’ve never been), derision of, fountain of

Compiled by Alice Hattrick