Enrico Malatesta performing as part of Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics (Event)
20.07.13 / 15.00 - 21.00

Park Acoustics was a set of performances, temporary installations and a video screening. This all took place in and around Southwark Park, and simultaneously with the Kittler Picnic event.

Theo Burt | Mark Fell | Goodiepal | Jan Hendrickse | Enrico Malatesta | Richard Sides | Lance Wakeling

Park Acoustics was supported by South London Gallery and was a satellite event to their show At the moment of being heard.

Kittler Picnic (Event)

Writing tools make communities possible.

The late theorist Fredrich Kittler wrote on machine determinism and its dominance over the way humans communicate and behave. If technology is not an extension of us, but we – instead – part of its autonomous evolution, what is the relationship between technology and society?

A group of artists and writers propose a picnic, a networked event that performs the distribution and digestion of knowledge. Circuits and systems of eating and communicating, recording and transcribing, are enacted in a public park. Thinking is translated into binary codes, appropriated, cooked and consumed.

Beth Collar | Annie Davey | Alastair Frazer | Alice Hattrick | Una Knox | Sam Porritt | Stuart Middleton | Angharad Williams

Beth Collar preparing pasta on Sam Porritt's table sculpture

Jan Hendrickse

Audio piece by Alice Hatrick

Annie Davey's napkins

Hands by Stuart Middleton

Alastair Frazer

Lance Wakeling's Ascent to the Sky

Una Knox

Angharad Williams' Breeze performance

Jan Hendrickse & Enrico Malatesta performing in the Alfred Salter Garden

Jan Hendrickse & Enrico Malatesta performing in the Alfred Salter Garden

Rob Lye

Enrico Malatesta