Residency #4: Martin Groß

11.06.13 / 19.00 - 21.00

To mark the end of his residency, Leipzig based artist Martin Groß presents a new site-specific intervention at Woodmill GP. Working primarily in drawing, Groß depicts large scale objects and spaces in stages of transition. Familiar scenes become strange as the page fills with precisely executed angular shapes and abstract forms derived from multiple sources. Staircases, lift shafts, storage compartments and other more ambiguous industrial structures are marked out, shaded and overlaid repeatedly, dissecting one another to produce images that harness the formal language of architectural plans whilst resisting their descriptive clarity. The resulting drawings reflect upon memory's relationship to the passing of time, and question the way in which historical events are remembered, erased or re-imagined within the fabric of public spaces.

3 Church Walk - A work in progress
A film by Emily Richardson with Jonathan P Watts

H.T. ‘Jim’ Cadbury-Brown was a British architect best known for his part in the design of the iconic Royal College of Art building in Kensington Gore, London, and earlier work on landscapes and pavilions for the Festival of Britain in the summer of 1951. It was while working for Ernő Goldfinger he met his future wife and collaborator Betty Dale. Although the couple had a successful architectural practice in London, they frequently visited the coastal town of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, befriending the composer Benjamin Britten. In the early 1960s the couple designed and built a place of their own, as well as for Imogen Holst, at 3 Church Walk, Aldeburgh on a site originally earmarked by Britten for an opera house. The house incorporates and expresses the couple’s modernist ideals. Since Jim’s death in 2009 the house has been uninhabited due to legal issues with his estate. Many of the couple’s possessions remain, signs of a former life: the Breur chair is where Jim posed sitting on it for the photograph in his Guardian newspaper obituary; stacks of mouldy classical and jazz LPs line the living room; marble tablets Jim engraved with students of the Royal College of Art in the sixties collect dust. The once tended garden - planted with seeds collected from the couple’s travels - is a verdant wilderness encroaching on the rational lines of the house.

To accompany the presentation of new work by Martin Groß, Jonathan P Watts will read excerpts from his script alongside rushes of Emily Richardson’s footage from inside 3 Church Walk.

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