The cat's in a bag and the bag's in a river

Screening Series Nobody Ordered Wolves
22.10 - 03.12.12

Nobody Ordered Wolves is a screening series devised by Duncan Carson. The theme of the series is Trapped (whether in the form of psychological isolation, prison films, asylum films, enclosure films, films about fate or destiny, existentialism, plans and schemes gone awry or being tricked or conned). The films are going to run every Monday, starting next Monday 22nd October at 8pm. The schedule will include lots of short films and surprises but the main film shows will be:

Monday 22nd October: Obsession (1949/Edward Dmytryk/Britain/96 minutes). A cuckolded husband takes advantage of war-ravaged London to trap the adulterer in a bombed out house, transporting hot water bottles full of acid, tormenting him with the liquid death that awaits him. Macabre, Hitchcock-esque noir thriller.

Tuesday 30th October (NB TUESDAY SCREENING): My Brother's Wedding (1983/Charles Burnett/USA/76 minutes). Charles Burnett's films chronicle the lives of black Los Angeles-residents, trapped by social circumstances. A quietly beautiful film.

Monday 5th November: Woman of the Dunes (1964/Teshigahara Hiroshi/Japan/147 minutes). An entomologist is trapped in an erotic, existential pit with the woman of the dunes. A Japanese classic.

Monday 12th November: Down by Law (1986/Jim Jarmusch/USA/96 minutes). Tom Waits, John Lurie and Roberto Benigni trapped in a cell. Bayou escapes and escapades. Even if you hate Jim Jarmusch, this film is impossible not to like or laugh at.

Monday 19th November: Shock Corridor (1963/Samuel Fuller/USA/101 minutes). A reporter seeks to find the truth of murders in an asylum by shamming insanity. Like a Mexican finger trap, madness is easier to get into than out of. A brilliant exploitation film with avant-garde touches.

Monday 26th November: Woman in a Dressing Gown (1957/J. Lee Thompson/Britain/93 minutes). Shamelessly neglected from the Kitchen Sink retrospectives, this is a brilliant melodrama about the constrictions of a housewife's life. Memorably, inventively shot.

Monday 3rd December: Sweet Smell of Success (1957/Alexander Mackendrick/USA/96 minutes). Tony Curtis is boxed in by Burt Lancaster. Noir fatalism at its best in this witty, cynical film.

Each screening will start at 8pm.