(In the days of the) ROID, SOLO SHOW/GROUP SHOW, CRATE project space, Margate
05.08.2011 / 8pm

For the final part of SOLO SHOW/GROUP SHOW, the first exhibition of Toby Huddlestone’s 18 month curatorial residency at CRATE, The Woodmill (Alastair Frazer, Naomi Pearce and Richard Sides) utilised the previous exhibition as a backdrop to perform a new play in three parts.

'ROID' is a tragi-com about transformation, epoch, dark psychedelia, death and absurdity. This series of monologues, scenarios and prop-based actions this inter-personal edit merges experienced moments and historical events to explore personal dialogue, an idea of coming-of-age, and the 'wrong' psychedelics of Charles Manson.