Winter Escape

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th June / 12 - 6pm
The Common House, London

Rachel Reupke
Fatima Hellberg
Morgan Quaintance
Sara Nunes Fernandes
Matthew Clements
Alex Kovacs

David Bance / Nicholas Cheveldave / Alan Stanners
Friday 31.01.14 / 7pm - 10pm
Medulla Oblongata

Ilja Karilampi
PV: 06.12.13 / 19:00 - 21:00

Woodmill GP is pleased to present a new outdoor commission by Swedish artist Ilja Karilampi. This wall painting will be on display at Woodmill's Bermondsey location until February 2014.
Boiled Angel

Michael Bell-Smith, Mike Diana, Max Maslansky, Ariana Reines, Louise Sartor
18.10.2013 - 30.11.2013

19.10.2013 & 20.10.2013 / 11.00 - 15.00 the exhibition will be accompanied by a light brunch. Coffee will be served.
Wendel! Open Your Door

Sol Archer | Anna Bunting-Branch | Cindie Cheung | Will Cenci | Beth Collar| Annie Davey | Chris Fite-Wassilak | Alastair Frazer | Patrick Goddard | Anna Gritz | Charmian Griffin | Dean Kenning | Una Knox | Lawrence Leaman | Daniel Lichtman | Will May-Robinson | Stuart Middleton | Laura Oldfield Ford | Naomi Pearce | Sam Porritt | Richard Sides | Frances Scott | Christopher M. Smith | Jennifer Teets | Simon Werner | Angharad E.P Williams

Cafe Gallery Projects + Southwark Park
Opening Night: 05.07.13 / 18.30 - 20.30
06.07.13 - 28.07.13

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- The Earth is not at rest by Sol Archer & Frances Scott
- Goblin Mask Making (Workshop)
- LAN Party (Event)
- Kittler Picnic & Park Acoustics (Event)
- Goodiepal Marathon (Performance)
- Lawns and Hedges (Film screening)
- Duckrabbit (Film Screening)
- Chris Fite Wassilak's essay
Residency #4: Martin Groß

11.06.13 / 19.00 - 21.00

For more information about his residency please click here
Associate Residency: Robert Crosse

London-based artist Robert Crosse is developing a new body of work to be presented in Spring 2013. The work explores male identity and the power dynamics between groups of men in social situations. Working in mainly sculpture and video his practice seeks to isolate gestures and actions that are germane to male relationships in order to determine their meaning.

For more information on Robert's project click here.
Residency #3: Daniel Lichtman

21.12.12 - 17.03.13

New York and London-based artist Daniel Lichtman will be in residence at the Woodmill this January. While in residence he will create a new work looking at American community television as a counterpoint to today's hyper-distributed forms of public address.

For more information about his residency please click here
Residency #2: Beth Collar - ANCIENT BRITAIN

14.10 - 14.10.12
Private View: 14 December 7 - 9pm

Cambridge-based artist Beth Collar has been selected from our first round of open submission residency opportunities at Woodmill GP. Beth will be presenting new work produced over the course of her one month residency.

For more information about Beth's residency please click here
Dickens Dinner


Dinner time event by The Woodmill with invited contributions; Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson, Ben Burgis, Adam Christensen, Beth Collar, Dave Green, Rafael Hefti.
Screening Series: Nobody Ordered Wolves

Curated by Duncan Carson

Nobody Ordered Wolves aims to renew neglected films and refresh the acknowledged. The series is curated around themed subjects and shows short or experimental films as well as features. Suggestions for future screenings or themes are welcomed at

'My heart grew sick; it was the dampness of the catacombs that made it so. I hastened to make an end of my labour. I forced the last stone into its position; I plastered it up. Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones.' 'The Cask of Amontillado', Edgar Allen Poe

The inaugural theme is 'Trapped'. Although the cinema is supposed to transport us, sometimes it is happy to confine, whether within our own thoughts or physical space. A cuckolded husband chains his wife's lover to a bed, films lost in the archive breathe the sweet air of freedom, a faceless mound of flesh dreams of life outside the body and a housewife of life outside the two up, two down. Join us as the cinema walls edge closer.

For details of films and screening times, please click here
General Practice

06.10 - 14.10.12
Opening times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2 - 6 pm

For this first display in its new premises, Woodmill GP presents an integrated installation by current studio holders Anna Baker/ Cindie Cheung/ Ben Connors/ Annie Davey/ Una Knox/ Stuart Middleton/ Frances Scott/ Richard Sides/ Simon Werner/ Angharad E P Williams and invited guests.

Elsewhere, French artist Renaud Jerez creates the first in an ongoing series of porch commissions and current residency artist Michael Robert Johnstone presents a new work in the studio.
The Party: Bermondsey 2011/12

Irish Pensioners/ The Brownies/ Time and Talents

The Party is an ongoing Bermondsey based project made with and between community groups. Using participative and collaborative approaches the project seeks to provide celebratory opportunities through making and collective activity. Developed by Anna Baker, with support from Southwark Council, free workshops are offered with the aim of exploring the invitation as concept.

If you are a community group, school or college based in Southwark and would like to get involved, please contact us on
A Day of Performance: Aid & Abet, Cambridge
29.10.11 / 3 - 6pm

Grand Union (Birmingham) | Satellite (Eastern Region) | Spike Island Associates (Bristol) | The Royal Standard (Liverpool) | The Woodmill (London)

The following Woodmill studio artists presented new performance and film throughout the day: Adam Christensen / Dave Charlesworth / Nicole Bachmann / Toby Huddlestone / Hal Silver / Angharad Williams, Richard Sides and Naomi Pearce

(Aid and Abet)
(in the days of the) ROID: CRATE project space, Margate
05.08.2011 / 8pm

For the final part of SOLO SHOW/GROUP SHOW, the first exhibition of Toby Huddlestone’s 18 month curatorial residency at CRATE, The Woodmill (Alastair Frazer, Naomi Pearce and Richard Sides) utilised the previous exhibition as a backdrop to perform a new play in three parts.

'ROID' is a tragi-com about transformation, epoch, dark psychedelia, death and absurdity. This series of monologues, scenarios and prop-based actions this inter-personal edit merges experienced moments and historical events to explore personal dialogue, an idea of coming-of-age, and the 'wrong' psychedelics of Charles Manson.

(CRATE project space)
The Woodmill: Neckinger site

The Woodmill was formed in 2009 by a group of artists and curators to establish a dynamic environment for exhibitions and events combined with experimental and communal artists' production space.

Until May 2011, in collaboration with Southwark Council, The Woodmill inhabited an ex-council site on Neckinger, Bermondsey, providing 100 selected artists with space and community to develop, alongside an ambitious programme in the buildings public spaces.

The activities and events relating to this phase of the project are archived here.